Dog Pack Leader
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Dog Pack Leader

Dogs were made to be in a pack. They instinctually living in a pack structure. Their brains were wired this way before they were born. All dogs yearn for the leader to lead them but if the leader isn't leading, they'll step up and take the position. In many cases, this can evolve into dog aggression or dog dominance. Either way, dog owners must take that position and be the leader. If not, injuries could result in the end. provides a variety of information and products for becoming a pack leader to your dog. All information and recommendation of products come from Ed Frawley, a dog professional with decades of experience to back him up.

Ground Work to Becoming Your Puppy's Pack Leader
By Ed Frawley

A year or two ago, I wrote an article titled "The Ground Work to Becoming a Pack Leader." While it has been read by many people time, it's obvious that two articles should have been written: one for adults and one for puppies. This article will specifically focus on ground work for puppies.

When an 8-week-old puppy is taken home, many people will be concerned about what should be fed to the puppy or how to stop it from peeing on the floor. While these concerns are certainly okay to address, there is another concern that is often ignored. People will forget to establish themselves as the pup's pack leader. Read more...

The Ground Work to Establishing Pack Structure
By Ed Frawley

I've been training dogs for 50 years, 30 of those as a professional dog trainer. I've heard the following sayings and they've made plenty of sense to me:

  1. "Dog's don't know how to be good unless we show them."
  2. "You create your dog's value system."
  3. "People don't give birth to a brat!"
  4. "You can feed, water, and love your dog and he will like you, but he very well may not respect you."
  5. "Dogs know what you know and they know what you don't know."

Establishing pack structure is crucial for every single dog out there. And if you have an adult dog, it's not yet too late. This article is aimed towards owners with adult dogs. It's important that you establish pack structure, especially if your dog is showing signs of dominance and aggression. Read more...

The Power of Training Dogs with Markers
By Ed Frawley

Marker training is the most effective training system I have seen in my 50+ years of training dogs. It's a black and white method of communication that is based on positive reinforcement.

Marker training provides the dog trainer (1) a motivational method of telling his dog "the instant" his dog does something you like, (2) a non-punishment method of telling a dog "the instant" the dog does something you don't like and (3) a motivational method of telling a dog that you like what he is currently doing and you want him to continue to do exactly what he is doing at this moment in time. Read more...