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About Dog Pack Leader

There are many adult dogs out there that have become aggressive and dominant in the family. While bad temper problems and other behavioral problems can come from genetics, there are many dogs who are simply the way they are because their owners have allowed them to be that way.

It is crucial for dogs to have a leader in the pack. When there is no leader, they take the position themselves. This is when problems start to rise. As dog advocates, we want everyone to know that dogs require pack structure. All dogs are wired with pack drive and as dog owners, we need to provide it.

Here at, we provide information on pack structure. Ed Frawley writes many of these articles. He has been a dog trainer for 45 years. He has raised over 350 litters of German Shepherd puppies in his lifetime. Ed Frawley is a dog advocate. He believes strongly that the way we live with our dogs will influence them greatly whether it be negative or positive.

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