Dog Pack Leader
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Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet DVD



Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet aims to have a calm and submissive dog. Many behavioral issues come from bad leadership (though there are some that are simply genetic). Having a solid pack structure is crucial for every dog owner and is absolutely neccesary for dogs displaying dominant or aggressive behaviors.

This DVD was produced by Ed Frawley. In his 50 years of training, Ed has been a professional dog trainer for 30 of them. He's worked in many areas of dog training--law enforcement, Schutzhund, and breeding. He has produced over 120 dog training videos and is continuing to make even more today to help educate new and old dog trainers on how to train their dog.

The Topics Covered in This DVD

These are just some of the topics that will be covered in the DVD. There are more topics that are not listed her.